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What Do You Call A Boy Who Wears Pink.

You call him by his name!

I don’t even know why this needs saying in  2019??

A while ago our son was called a “poof”, for wearing a PINK dinosaur print T shirt.

“Ohh, careful guys, that gay thing is contagious”, my friend replied sarcastically.

I genuinely thought I’d rolled my eyes so hard they would never return to their normal focal points.

If your heterosexuality is so fragile you have to make comments about a toddler who likes pink, then you need to really take a look at why that it.

Roman is very boisterous, very boyish and yet, still loves pink and unicorns. This is no one’s business except his (and my purse’s).

The first time something like this was said he wasn’t even 1, and I’d put him in a navy shirt with pink flamingos on. It was summer, he looked cute, and pink is just a colour.

Since then we’ve had passing comments made about his pink t shirt, because it’s a ‘girly colour’, or how his bottle *must* be Aria’s because it has a unicorn on it.

But throughout all of it the thing that really gets to me is the way these people are commenting on his future sexuality as if it’s something to worry about.

If he is gay I don’t want him to hide it because people made him feel like it’s a bad thing to be. I don’t want him to feel like he has to ‘come out’. What I do want is for him to feel he can be open with me and honest about who he is, and the means he brings home his boyfriend to meet Mum and Dad without a big hooha.

Like wise, if he isn’t gay and just likes things that are ‘girly’ I don’t want him to have to hide that either just because it’s ‘not manly’.

If he wants to be the next Eddie Izzard who are you to say he can’t?

If he wants to be a rugby player who loves unicorns, who are you to shame him?

Both Aria and Roman are free to choose what they want to play with, how they want to dress and they are free to love whoever they love when they grow up. I will never shame them for their lifestyle.

They are free to be themselves.

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