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Queenhood With Jamila.

If you live in or close to Leeds, identify as female and want to work out in a safe environment, then Jamila’s Queenhood is for you.

Jam will help you refocus your brain, give anxiety the middle finger, plan healthy meals that don’t take away the things you enjoy and sort you out with exercises to strengthen and look after your body.

The most important thing Jam does is make sure you want to be there.

I’m not going to lie to you and say I felt completely at ease (anxiety is fun like that) but I felt more at ease than I ever have in a gym… I even took my vest off and worked out in the crop top and leggings! Something I never normally do in front of others, but the group was small and judgement free!

Queenhood isn’t a boot camp, though it can definitely feel like one. You’re not forced to push yourself faster or further than your limits allow, you are completely encouraged to work out at your pace and if you have to adapt exercises for health reasons (like I had to for my knee joints) you are also encouraged to do that and Jam will do her best to help you with that.

It was more than a workout though, it was encouraging each other. At the end of each session there was a bit of group therapy. Not in a sit in a circle, anonymously, crying your soul out kind of way but a ‘how can we lift ourselves up’ kind of way.

In total there were 8 weekly sessions, each one two hours. Starting early so there’s barely any time to talk yourself out of going and finishing just in time for lunch. The added benefit of starting early on is that you have more time to recover from the workout, going for a walk really helped me cool down, and having the rest of the day ahead to enjoy.

Jam also created a dedicated Facebook group for us to keep each other uplifted and encourage each other to workout and eat well. If friendships formed that was a bonus.

The best thing about Queenhood is Jam. Other PTs are friendly but I’ve never met one as invested  in your life outside of working out and your mental health. Jam firmly believes that working out and working on your mental health go hand in hand and well I’m all for that too. She’s not in it for the money, she’s in it for you (as cheesey as that sounds).

After 8 short weeks I feel much more confident working out, making healthy choices and being more active in general.

Going forward, Jam has big things planned. Recently, she just opened up her own studio where you can work out and chat one on one with Jam, in private, away from a gym and away from judgey eyes. She’s also planning more non-bootcamp groups and classes and well, I’m excited to see what she cooks up for us.

If you want to know more about how you can get in a work out with Jam or keep your eyes open for upcoming events and classes, check her out on Instagram or the Queenhood website.

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