I can confirm there are definitely no elephants, the weren’t hiding with the tapirs.

While we may not have spotted any elephants, what we did do meant I managed to pull together some tips to help you get the most out of your day at Knowsley.

Firstly – yes, the £10 per ticket offer is still on on Kids Pass. Sign up here. You’ll get a free trial if you’ve not been a member before and then you’ll by able to search for Knowsley Safari Park and get £10 per ticket. Remember, under 3s are free and activity packs are available on KSP’s website, as well as Baboon Bus tickets if you’d rather not take your car in to the baboon enclosure. They will remove parts from your car.

Tip 1 – Cooler summer days are your best bet to see active animals.

Just like us, animals aren’t a fan of it being too hot or too cold. Going on a summer day that’s overcast, like it was on Saturday, is great if you want to see the big cats doing something other than sleeping.https://frecklesanddreams.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/img_5776.mov

Tip 2 – Arrive early.

You’ll spend all day at Knowsley, without fail. By arriving for when it opens (10am) you should be able to get round everything, have some fun on the rides and get a look in the gift shop.

Tip 3 – Start on the foot safari.

There’s a lot to see and you can go round the safari drive as many times as you like.

The giraffes get fed early so by starting in the foot safari, you may get close to them on the viewing platform. Also, the tigers tend to be making the rounds, checking their territory (marking it too) and getting close to the glass.

Tip 4 – Invest in unlimited wristbands!

Rides are £2 each per rider (you need to buy tickets for each ride), whereas the wristbands are £10 and valid for the whole day. The train that goes round the Tapirs and Vicuña is included in this.

Tip 5 – Plan around the Sea Lions and Birds of Prey displays.

The displays are both fun to watch and educational. Arrive around 10 minutes early if you can to the displays for good seating. The best place to sit if you like birds is in the middle section, they will fly over your head and you have get one of them settle next to you.

I recommend the 1:30 sea lion show followed by the 2:30 birds of prey display. You’ll do this easy. Have lunch around 12, head to the sea lions after and then round to birds via the bats. Don’t miss that! The bats are always a fave (side note: they fly around as you walk through).

Tip 6 – Head to the safari drive last.

Each time we’ve been to the park, we’ve been round the drive at the end of the day before heading home. Each time the animals have been very active and even the lions have been playing (once they were fighting over food). As mentioned before, the animals are more active when it’s cooler so after 3ish they’re cooling down. Watch out for the ostriches, they like to block the road.

Don’t forget you can go round the safari drive as many times as you like, as long as you’re not trying to get in after the last entry time.

Tip 7 – Download the app.

You can keep track of where you are in the safari drive on the app, making it easier to help the kiddos with their activity sheets.

Plus there’s the AR selfie trail which they will love. Who doesn’t want a photo taking with an eagle or a tiger?

Tip 8 – Go along the woodland trial.

I don’t mean the whole thing (that’s up to you), but at least go along the first part of it, down the side of the wolf enclosure. The wolves often run in circles around their territory and come very close to the fence down the side along the woodland trial.

If you do go along the whole trial be on the look out for the smallest of things, there are some teenie tiny frogs about.

Tip 9 – Top up your data.

Knowsley has no WiFi, so if you plan on using the internet while you’re there, you best make sure you’ve ample data to use. Especially if you want to use the app on your way round.

While on the subject of your phone, apple and android pay are not accepted on site, except at the vending machines.

Tip 10 – Take a picnic.

That is if you want to see a peahen and her new baby. They regularly wander around the picnic tent. Last year’s baby has almost grown up but is yet to get his full plumage, he and the fully grown peafowl wander around the restaurant and picnic tent too. None of them are overly shy. They obviously aren’t ready to be besties with humans, but they will come close to you if you’re patient with them.


We haven’t taken in any of the talks yet, purely because Roman is too young at the moment to sit still and take it in. It’ll be hard work and not worth the stress, when he’s older we will.