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Love Yourself


Every year, as Valentine’s Day approaches, we face a barrage of ‘you must find love’ messages.

It’s all over TV, in articles, glaring at us through adverts, filling our social feeds and generally plastered on all fronts across the globe.

Through all of that, the most important love to find is a love for yourself.

If you can’t love yourself, at least accept yourself. You are all you need.

But it’s not just the emotional and mental side of things. It’s also the physical side.

You cannot truly love someone until you know how you want to be loved.

With that said… Masturbation is not a sin.

To know what you like from a partner, you need to know what you actually like first, and the safest and healthiest way to do that is on your own.

Not to mention it can help you keep track of what is normal for you. If anything starts feeling weird, get it seen. Masturbation can actually be a life saver.

If anything feels wrong, go to your GP.

Anyway, back to loving yourself.

Self love in any form is not selfish.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s really fun and a fabulous way to release tension.

As a women, there comes a sense of empowerment, sexual freedom and body confidence from masturbation. Learning what you like and dislike by exploring your own body can be one of the most eye and mind opening experiences you’ll have.

Don’t over think anything, don’t force anything, relax and feel the moment. The more you concentrate on your orgasm, the harder it can be to actually have one, once you let go of your inhibitions you will find they will flow; sometimes literally.

On that note, don’t be upset if you don’t ‘squirt’, it’s not as common as porn will make you believe.

Using toys can be extremely pleasurable and can help you reach the elusive O.

Toys aren’t for everyone and it can be daunting to jump straight in without knowing what you’re looking for. A few of my favourites are:

• Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator – Quiet, hits the right spots, not too intense but more intermediate than beginner and rechargeable (my favourite feature; environmentally friendly for the win).

• The Triple Tickler – easy to use with it’s twist base control, leaving it up to you how powerful it goes. It’s also fully waterproof; perfect for in the tub. Also, purse friendly.

• Mini Wand – not only is this one cute (it’s rose gold, winner), it’s palm size. Chuck it in your overnight bag next time you get away for a night, it’ll even hide in your cosmetics case. Also, surprisingly powerful for the size of it.

• Finger Vibrator – not sure about toys but want something a little more to really stimulate your clit, this one is for you. Quiet but not weak; not intense either. This one is a great introductory toy.

• Rock Chick – go hands free with this beaut. It will get your G spot and your clit, just lay back, relax and rock your way to your orgasm.

However you spend your Valentine’s weekend, make sure you make some time for yourself. Take some time to love yourself and allow yourself to be loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo

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