From the café, to the reading nook, the fancy dress box with changeable backdrop and mirror, the craft table and interactive exhibits, there’s plenty to do, and that’s just on the lower ground level with the wildlife exhibit.

We didn’t really get to see much further up but if you do manage to venture up to the upper levels you’ll find the gift shop on floor 1 along with The Leeds Arena, The Collectors Cabinet and World View. There’s also a learning space on this floor.

Going further up there’s The Leeds Story, a rather interesting exhibit with details and information most people wouldn’t know, I certainly didn’t. You can also see The Leeds Arena from a balcony.

At the top, on floor 3, we found Ancient Worlds and a section for special exhibitions (we didn’t get to see this bit).

Baby changing facilities are on the LG and floor 3, luckily situated very close to the lifts.

I believe there is a soft play area in the museum but we didn’t get to it before the parking ticket ran out… honestly we spent hours just at lower ground. Our friends who met us there were in the soft play area before we arrived.

So, anyway, back to what we actually did do…

The cafe, complete with cute little picnic benches and umbrellas, on a patch of artificial grass, with a bright blue sunny day backdrop.


The menu is pretty simple and fair value for money… that said, a standard packet of walkers crisps and a can of coke will cost you £2.50, Ouch. The food cooked on site is fab though. The kids ate up and so did the fussy husband.

After lunch at the cafe, we made our way to the exhibit on the lower ground. Display cases full of taxidermy animals, each with its own story. Like, did you know eagles used to be common in Yorkshire? The one on display in the museum was shot in Barnsley in 1898.

In this room is a large table for children, with colouring sheets and an abundance of pencils (with no blunt ends I must add). The kids had a fab time scribbling away… I actually think this is where we lost most of the time in there.


There’s a fossil dig in the centre full of bark chips covering faux fossils. Close to the fossil dig, there’s a fancy dress box of animal print capes in front of a full length mirror, with a changeable background opposite the mirror; we played a game of dressing up as an animal that matches the background. We found a number of small interactive displays and even dinosaur poop, which may or may not have been the highlight of our 5 year old’s trip.

The best bit about the whole thing, Leeds City Museum is FREE to get in. Perfect for those rainy Sundays and you don’t fancy being stuck indoors.