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It’s International Women’s Day, and Yes, We Still Need It.

In a world where women are still oppressed and demeaned, subject to systemic sexism and treated like second class citizens across the globe, International Women’s Day is still incredibly relevant.

There’s so much about women in history that is over shadowed by the men in their fields. Did you know Hedy Lamaar (the actress) co invented technology that now enables us to communicate wirelessly? Or that the first university in the world was founded by Fatima Al-Fihri? Or that one of the world’s most feared pirates, Ching Shih, was more successful than Blackbeard?

What about the fact that while women make up 51% of the population but make up 70% of those living in poverty and 83% of single parents. Women do 66% of the work, producing 50% of the food while earning just 11% of the pay and owning 1% of land.

Girls are still subject to FGM, forced in to being child brides and victims of revenge rapes. Women are stoned to death for behaviour deemed inappropriate by men. Women are imprisoned for the way the dress. Black women are more likely to die in childbirth but have their concerns ignored (thank you for bringing that to my attention @TheDoctorMummy)

Modesty culture and rape culture blame the woman for everything a man does to them.

Women are more likely to be raped, subject to domestic abuse and sexually assaulted, with their attackers often getting away with it. Politicians and celebrities get away with it all when they can buy their way out of it. (Trump for example like to grab women by the pussy).

Do you know how many girls are sexually assaulted each week in schools? No? Between 2014-2018 5,500 assaults against pupils were reported… the actual number is unknown because we know not everyone will have come forward. Girls as young as 10 are being attacked in their schools in the UK.

Women are more likely to believe men who survive being raped, abused or assualted, especially boys targeted by their teachers.

Female politicians and celebrities are constantly threatened with rape and murder. Rose McGowan, Halsey, Selma Heyak and Kesha all deserve fucking medals for what they’ve been through but instead get slammed. Thankfully the boycott of Kevin Spacey’s latest film hit him in the wallet but unfortunately R Kelly has his works debated. To clarify, NO, you cannot separate the man from the music… cut him off, just like we cut off Ian Watkins when his peadophile ways came to light.

Young girls are forced in to childbirth by the church and religious politicians against medical advice advocating for a termination.

Women cannot get back in to work after having a child as easily as a man can. Women are forced to choose between their career and their family.

If you didn’t know any of that then you now know why we still need IWD.

We can’t change any of this until we all get on the same page. Change requires a collective effort. So while IWD is to showcase and celebrate the strength and accomplishments of women, it isn’t just for women to do so. Men need to step up as allies and help us make the changes happen.

Girls and boys can be anything in life they want to be. For every girl that wants to be a racecar driver there is a boy wanting to be a florist. We need to dismiss the age old way of thinking, a woman’s place is wherever she damned well wants to be.

We need to listen to men when they are struggling. We need to do this to help reduce the rate of suicide amongst men. 84 men a week take their lives in the UK. Feminism paved the way for men to be open about their emotions, and we need more of it!

Teach your girls about the strength they possess within and teach your boys to always respect females. Teach them both that emotions are not a weakness, modesty culture is bullshit and that no matter what consent is everything.

Until we are all treated as equals, men and women, we will continue to need IWD.

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