It’s come to my attention that my followers really want decent sex toys on a budget. I’m here for that and I have a corker for you ladies (also makes a fabulous present fellas… just sayin’).

So I was challenged to find a dual stimulation vibrator for under £15. Challenge smashed my beauties.

Now this one gives me an added kind of joy, it’s rechargeable! No more batteries, do your bit for the environment and get yourself a vibrator that’s eco friendly. Speaking of eco friendly, don’t forget that you can dispose of vibrators with other electricals or take them in a bag to Ann Summers and they’ll send them for recycling.

Now, enough of that. Down to the knitty gritty parts.

First of all, I was a bit sceptical of the claim it mimics oral. I was wrong to doubt it. Don’t get me twisted, it’s not exactly like having a tongue massage your clit but blooming heck it’s not far off (do use lube here though, it is silicon after all and friction would dampen the fun a little).

The ‘tongue’ is controlled via a different button to the shaft and has three settings. Each setting moves the tongue faster than the one before and none of that stop start buzzing. That “don’t stop” feeling where you want him to keep them same pace and not change a thing can be a thing of reality because this tongue won’t slow down, get tired or move from “just there”.

The shaft, or rather the head, could seem a bit daunting to a vibrator novice but actually the curve of the shaft and the bulbus head come in handy… or rather allow for hands free play. The shape of the shaft and the head allow the vibrator to ‘anchor’ itself even during strong orgasms. Not gonna lie, it doesn’t glue itself in place but it’s not one to need readjusting every five seconds. You don’t lose your orgasm and that is the most important thing.

So it is well worth the money and will not be a regret buy that sits in the box under the bed uncharged for eternity.

If you fancy giving it a go, you can get your own oral vibrator here.